“We define your life.”


Through our interaction in the local market environment we have come to appreciate the fact that there are many grey areas in the different ICT fields which are yet to be understood and effectively implemented by several businesses and organizations in the region.  As a company our goal is to apply our wealth of   knowledge   and   experience   to companies, organizations, projects   and individuals so as to increase their effectiveness, competitiveness, profitability and commercial viability.


Kalf Informatics Ltd is a total IT service delivery and consultancy company. The company was conceived
in 2008 and incorporated in 2009 by a team of highly trained and talented professionals who wished
to pool their talents and experience with a main purpose of providing a better focused and results
oriented professional service in the IT sector. Our core staff has vast experience gained in many
countries like Germany, UK and India. We presently have 4 permanent staff members and 1 part time
trainees. Kalf Informatics Ltd builds its confidence through sound fundamentals, proven history, and robust
infrastructure.  Committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and information
transparency, led by a team of visionary executives and widely recognized management practices,
Kalf Informatics Ltd provides a full range of services, heterogeneous technology skills, and a robust
delivery framework